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Garden of Eden presents a classic design and echoes the genesis of life thanks to its name and floral decoration. This carriage clock resembles a complex flower whose innermost beauty remains hidden until the doors are opened, revealing an ultra-sophisticated clock mechanism. The lines of Garden of Eden are intended simply to tell the beautiful story of life; a most poetic allusion to the creation of humankind, to the beginning and to the renewal of a genre.


Garden of Eden is the fruit of laser-cutting work, also used to create the floral decoration of the case. Comprised of 167 hand-assembled pieces, the clock is available in a golden or nickel-plated finish. This model also features a chased finish, which gives it a subtle sophistication.


Garden of Eden is perfectly suited to refined interiors, alongside other rare and delicate objects.


Timelessness combined with elegance, a focus on authenticity, a luxurious object which conveys and embodies values of aestheticism and exclusivity – these are the promises made by the new and revisited Matthew Norman clocks.



8 Days

Swiss made

Palladium plated or Gold plated





Manual winding


Engraved massive brass

with finishings : Gold plated or Nickel plated


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