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The intense black or gold feeling and the impression of wheels floating in the air captivates you when you first look at the new design. Not to mention when your eyes fall on the moving escapement… The contrast of color simply grabs you and does not let you go. The heart of the clock displays a strong contrast between the plates incorporating the skeletonized dial and the palladium or gold-coated gear chain.


A subtle sobriety rises from the all black round aluminium cabinet and the skeletonized movement of the so called “Wind” clock. The intense black feeling materializes with the combinations of satin-finish sides and shiny angles. An exclusive achievement in the legendary Swiss Made quality of Matthew Norman.


Gold-plated brass or

Black-matt aluminium

Mineral glass


Dimensions : Diam. 148 x 52 mm





Manual winding



8 Days

Swiss made

Gold or Palladium plated

Polish or Satin finish

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